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Good-bye everyone (:

Hello everyone! I trust you guys are all doing well. This announcement will be as short and as simple as possible:

bigbangicon will be closing down until further notice or new mods.

Don't get me wrong, I love you guys (no lie) and its been fun and awesome here in this community. I think we are one of a few asian icontests that are still running (sadly), but our submissions, along with votes, are diminishing and it feels as if no one in this community has any interest in this icontest anymore. We even reached 300 members!!! sugardrizzle has already left the mod team due to a busy life and riko_san and I tried our best to keep this community running. (LIMS will be canceled since both participants and voters are busy)

Thank you to all our voters and submitters. You guys were the main source of this community reaching 50 successful challenges. If you would like to take over (be a moderator), please comment here to claim your spot. You can run this community any way you want (delete all posts and start out fresh, continue challenges, or put this community to hiatus until you feel like it. w/e)

Have a great day and thanks for your attention. ♥ Karina (xoxoknlove)
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